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Located in southwest China, Zigong Tianyi Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the largest professional suppliers in China of carbide tip for VSI crusher & hard alloy pins for high pressure grinding roll (HPGR). With decades of sales & marketing and relevant application experience,our products enjoy high reputation both at home and abroad.



Product Description

Advantage of our Carbide Tip for VSI Crusher:

1. Perfect performance

2. Stable quality

3. 100% virgin raw material

4. various size accroding to your demand

5. Fast delivery



Carbide tip for VSI crusher are equipped with tungsten carbide that protects the rotor of the VSI crusher against wear, mainly used for break stone or into sand, they are widely used in the field of cement, mining etc.


Reference type


carbide tip for VSI crusher


Reference Grade

Grade Properties Application
Density (g/cm3) Toughness(HRA) TRS(n/mm2)
ZT1 14.90-15.10 91.1 2400 excellent wear resistance & hardness for crushing granite, quartz porphyry, siliceous rock, iron ore.etc.
ZT2 14.70-14.85 90.0 2700 excellent wear resistance & hardness for crushing limestone, sand stone, areaceous shale, lean iron ore, cupriferous pyrite, etc.
ZT3 14.60-14.80 89.5 2500 excellent wear resistance and hardness for crushing granite, amphibolite, siliceous rock, cupriferous pyrite, marble, sandstone, gray stone etc.
ZT4 14.60-14.80 88.5 2300 general wear resistance and hardness for crushing metasandstone, quartz porphyry, granite, ordinary limestone, granite in strip mine, dolomite, magnetic iron ore etc.
ZT5 14.20-14.40 87.0 2800 high hardness and a bit low wear resistance for crushing sandstone, hard rock, quartz rock, dolomite, iron ore, dorite, granite, sandstone etc.
ZT6 14.00-14.60 85 1900 crushing soft shale, limestone, coal, harden clay etc.

 Product Display

carbide tip for VSI crusher


carbide tip for VSI crusher


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Packaging & Shipping
Packaging in cartons, in wooden boxes

by vessel, by plane

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