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HPGR studed roller

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With the development of grinding technology in recent years, high pressure grinding roll, based on the principle of material bed, has been widely used in cement, mining and other grinding field. It increases the output and improves the energy saving.

The modified roller includes roller surface and carbide stud. There are cylindrical holes on the roller surface. Carbide studs are fixed in these cylindrical holes by transition fit. The tolerance between hole and stud is -0.5 mm ~ + 0. 5 mm. This method of insetting makes the structure is more stable and safer. It is easy to install and replace the studs. The roller surface can be reused. It reduces the maintenance cost and extends the service life.

Cylindrical holes are arranged in staggered formation on the surface of the roller. So the carbide studs are in staggered formation, too. The staggered formation mainly includes staggered straight formation and staggered circinate formation. It is conducive to produce the cushion of gravel. When machinery are working, the cushion can avoid the material contact the roller surface, and increased the service life of roller.


One end of the stud which connect with roll surface is hemispherical structure. It makes the roller stressed uniformly and avoids the stress concentrate in the connection layer, then reduces damage to the roller. Adopting the above structure makes the structure more stable and reduces the damage of stud. It increases the service life of the stud and guarantee the safety of using.


Other end of carbide stud which away from the roller surface has chamfer. It makes the stud stressed uniformly and the structure more stable, makes the stud not easy to be damaged and increase its service life. And it also conducives to produce the cushion of gravel and increases the service life of roller.


HPGR studs are using tungsten carbide by vacuum sintering or hot isostatic pressing sintering. It makes the stud has better impact toughness and larger bending strength. It prolongs the service life of the stud, increase the reliability of structure and the safety of the use. Moreover the carbide studs select different material on thermal expansion with roller surface. It is easy to replace the studs.

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